About us

Dapp.Game is a team of young experts that aims to expand users’ information in the field of blockchain-based DAPPs. Dapp.Game’s team consists of experts and experienced members in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In this modern world and the novel field of blockchain, Dapp.Game’s the importance of helping the new users, the next generation of the blockchain, through online tutorials and broadening their knowledge. Games in the real world are increasingly combined with the blockchain and create more products, become more attractive to users, and eventually, are moving forward as the world progresses. Dapp.Game has joined this progress and provides excellent educational services.

Dapp.Game’s goal is to broaden users’ horizons in cryptocurrency to facilitate earning money in this field. To achieve this goal and expand users’ knowledge, our team works with great passion every day.

Dapp.Game provides various range of services. These services include, but are not limited, to articles, podcasts and instructional videos about cryptocurrencies, primary to advance tutorials in blockchain’s field, introducing blockchain-based DAPPs, training blockchain-based games, and the latest news in cryptocurrency and blockchain fields. These services will help users become trained analyzers to earn profits and avoid Hype projects, fraud smart-contracts and scams.

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