Circular Official Audit


As an independent company, we have reviewed Circular contract at this address:

We declare that DappGame has no ownership or participation in this project. Please note that you should review and analyze projects before making any financial decision because you enter the projects at your own risk.


Circular Smart-Contract is safe and there is no backdoor or scam code. All common tests were done and vulnerabilities were checked.

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  1. Fortune Wheel:

in some cases, if a user tries to win a deactivated user (A) which was added to the deactivated user list, it may win deactivated user (B) amount which was added after the user (A).


Independent Description of the Smart-Contract

Circular is two games in one contract, the first one is a circular matrix-base game, which is called circle, and the second one is a binary P2P game, which is called pool.

There are some connections between these two games which circle save specific amount of TRX for starting pool.

Circle System

There is a matrix-based system on a circle in which user’s referral is added to the left and right side of the old users. There are three different levels with the same rules, but different entrance costs.


  • All Profits directly transfer to user wallet
  • Users without referral get random parents

Entrance cost:

  • Circle 1: 200 TRX
  • Circle 2: 900 TRX
  • Circle 3: 3000 TRX

Referral Match Bonus:

  • Level 1: 50%
  • Level 2: 15%
  • Level 3: 5%
  • Level 4: 2%

Money Box:

Moneybox is used to save 20% of all profits in a circle to be used for pool entrance.

  • In level 1 and 2, if the next pool is purchased, the money box will be deactivated and all profits will be transferred to the user.
  • Users can interact with their money box in 3 ways:
    1. Enter Pool
    2. Cashout
    3. sendToNextMoneyBox

Owner Fee:

  • 6% on circles entrance
  • 6% on transferring amount between money boxes
  • Wheel of fortune spin cost, which minimum is 5 TRX


Pool System

There is a binary base system in 3 levels with 14 steps. Users just pay entrance cost of the first step of each level.

  • Level 1: 4 steps and entrance is 400 TRX
  • Level 2: 5 steps and entrance is 1400 TRX
  • Level 3: 5 steps and entrance is 3000 TRX


Pools Rewards

Pools Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Level 1 200 250 400 1400
Level 2 800 1000 1600 2400 8300
Level 3 1500 2500 3000 5000 30000


  • In level 1, if the next pool is purchased, the money box will be deactivated and user gets an extra 1600 TRX.
  • In level 2, if the next pool is purchased, the money box will be deactivated and user gets an extra 4500 TRX.


Fortune Wheel

There is a rule in this contract with which users can test their chance. A user can try to win the money box amount of other deactivated users.

  • A deactivated user is a user who had not any activity in 30 days
  • Newly registered user in the circle game can try Fortune Wheel
  • Users should pay 5 TRX to try fortune wheel
  • Chance of winning is 1%

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