Review the blockchain-based game “EOS Dynasty“

With the increasing adaptability of blockchain technology, decentralized DApps have grown, and with it, decentralized mobile games have remarkably grown as well. One of these decentralized game is “EOS Dynasty” or “Crypto Dynasty”, an RPG and PVP game developed on the blockchain framework.

The privately held company of “Block Dynasty” is the developer of EOS Dynasty, the first PVP game based on blockchain. The game was launched in May 2019 and it is still one of the most popular games in blockchain after a year.

This game can be downloaded from and it is available on Android and IOS platforms. This is an eastern style of the “EOS Knights” game with a focus on creating and upgrading characters.

This game has three characters and numerous items such as maps, weapons, armor, and other collectible items.

This game does not require a keyboard and you can do your other works until the game is done.

How to enter the EOS Dynasty?

When you enter the game, you have six options:

  • Token pocket
  • One
  • Nove
  • Mykey
  • Wombat
  • Math

Among these options, only the “Wombat” is free, and for the rest, you need to have EOS or ESO Cryptocurrency.

What do the game’s cryptocurrencies do?

There are two cryptocurrencies in the game, “EOS” and “Riger Runes”. The first one serves as the game’s premium cryptocurrency and the other one as the current cryptocurrency.

Users of this decentralized game or DApp can buy characters and upgrade them by gaining more resources. The stronger a character, the more resources he/she will gain.

How to gain more cryptocurrency in the game?

Players will get a cryptocurrency called “TKT” by buying and selling in the game. This cryptocurrency will allow players to participate in the game’s economy and increase the chance of getting items, resources, and more importantly, real money. Moreover, players earn TKT based on the amount of time they spend playing the game. The game intends to release 1 billion TKT tokens. Currently, less than 25% of this cryptocurrency is available, which means there is still much space for this game to grow.

There are currently 23’969 TKT’s token holder accounts. These accounts distribute around 140 EOS among each other every day. A player’s share from the distributed EOS will be bigger if he/she holds more TKT tokens. The “EOS Dynasty” game has distributed 54’000 EOS in the past year, which is equivalent to $ 148’000.

How is the game’s style?

The main style of playing in this DApp is called march, during which players collect resources by killing monsters. Killing more monsters will increase the chance of finding items.

EOS Dynasty environment

Players will get one “Tiger Rune” and a random material for each march they do. Players can do a march in 120 to 240 seconds based on their level. In other words, players become stronger depending on how much time they spend daily playing the game.

Players will get high materials based on different factors like character’s level, currently-used equipment, the number of battles done, and the number of characters or monsters that were killed to get the material. When a player got the required materials for a specific item, they can get the item by clicking on it within a few seconds.

There are four items in this game, weapons, armors, wearable ornaments and domesticated animals. All these items affect a character’s strength in the game. The game also has some other features such as giant event and forge material event. These features allow players to gain more resources.


While you can earn some money by playing the game, it can be a good investment for players who have marketable resources. The game’s graphics and its overall performance are very acceptable. However, some users have experienced a few lag between the server and the player. Overall, the EOS Dynasty offers good rewards to its players, so it is worth trying if you are interested in RPG and PVP games.

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