What is Tron DApp and what features does it have?

As we mentioned in the article “What is Tron”, Tron is a recording information method in blockchain platform. Its technology is the same as Bitcoin and Ethereum, except that Tron’s focus is on rapid and low-fee transactions and aims to provide a decentralized content network concentrating on entertainment.

Decentralized applications that are built on Tron blockchain’s platform are called Tron DApps. Tron DApps are gaining attention from activists and enthusiasts of the decentralized and blockchain world. Many DApps are run on the Ethereum, EOS and Waves platforms; however, none of them could gain as much attention as Tron DApps due to the Tron blockchain’s unique and interesting features.

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Tron DApps Layers:

There are three layers in Tron called Storage Layer, Core Layer, and Development Layer. The last layer of DApps, i.e., the Development Layer, is built or customized by developers.

DApps Categories:

DApps are divided into four main categories of Games, Gambling, Collectibles, and Exchanges. In these four categories, games and gambling hold a greater share, and then exchanges and collectibles are in the third and fourth rank in terms of active applications. There are some DApps that don’t fall in any of these four categories.

Top Tron DApps in Each Category

At the time of writing this article and according to published data on DappRadar website, the most popular and widely used DApps are IOI-Game in gaming, Wink website in gambling, USWAP in exchange and CryptoTree in collectibles.

It should be noted that this article’s sole aim is to improve common knowledge about TRX and it is NOT a recommendation by Dapp.Game to invest in cryptocurrencies. Please consider that investing in cryptocurrencies is always risky and you should do adequate research before making any financial decision.

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